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Brandy Smile

Brandy Smile

I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, work and all that rubbish. Just getting things back into shape, working down the piles of paperwork and guess what. There are a load of new Viv Thomas films out Vera Unleashed on Location, Prim & Proper, The Viv Thomas Collection, Triangle Affairs of The Heart.

Looking forward to getting me hands on them.

In the meantime I’ll have to console myself with my collection. LOL

Anyone else heard what these four are like?


This is in no way a comprehensive filmography of Viv’s films, but it’s what comprises my current collection:

  • Forbidden Fruits
  • Bust Fuckers
  • La Corsetry La Femme
  • Family Affairs Vol. 2
  • Kinky College Sluts
  • Hot Silk
  • Three Night With Vera
  • Secrets 1
  • Secrets 2
  • Secrets 3
  • Secrets 4
  • Blonde On Brunette
  • My Mums Best Friend
  • Days Without Youth
  • No Fear In Love

Just so you know 🙂