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Forbidden Fruits Small

Forbidden Fruits Small

I couldn’t believe how much I used to enjoy this film until I watched it again the other day. It starts with a poolside scene. Gina B and Nikki Montana get naughty with a couple of vibrators. It was one of the first porn movies I’d scene with decent lighting and camera. No, it probably was the first one I’d seen that didn’t feel like it had been made in someone’s garage on their uncle’s old VHS camcorder.

Vera and Peaches next. Wow, the makeup’s a bit heavy and then I noiticed  it’s so old the format’s 4:3 not widescreen but great double dong action. Then it’s Jo and Gina B, then Vera and Nikki Montana. Nikki enjoyed the vibe up her ass by the pool in scene one but in this scene get’s a huge strapon, reverse cowgirl-anal.

Peaches and Jo round off in a nice girly bed scene.

You can tell I enjoyed revisiting this DVD can’t you. I really ought to watch some more of my old DVDs.



Sordid Secrets

Sordid Secrets

I can’t believe it. I just found two more Viv Thomas titles to add to my own personal Viv Thomas Filmography that I published a few days ago.

They are both froma couple of ago:

  • Sordid Secrets: starring Sylvia Lauren, Aphrodite Night, Franki Vyona, James Brossman and Frank Major – A couple move to an “Island Paradise” to reignite their flagging relationship, with suitably XXX results.
  • Reality Porn Series2: Lots of names here Jo, Katie, Henrietta, Jamie, Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, Zora, Nikki M, Sandy, Vera, Stella Stevens, Tara English, Janine, Dani Cole, Ella, Jamie (again apparently LOL), Gina B, Kirsty, Peaches. “And Many More” apparently. Lots of stuff cut together from lots of shoots from what I remember. But it is two years since I watched it.

So, unless I find any more DVDs slipped down the back of a cupboard I think that’s the list completed. Phew.