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Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart

There’s a review of the Viv Thomas Film “Affairs of the Heart” starring James Brossman, Nikk and Sonia Red over here on this site.

Here’s part of what the reviewer had to say:

“[Affairs Of The Heart From Viv Thomas] a complete departure from the normal porn I get to see and therefore a refreshingly well produced and steamy story. It’s not going to be a hit if you are looking for anal or other hardcore acts but it’s cleansing to the system if you like to see lots of tender girl on girl and boy on girl.”


I was reading the other day about the effect of UK laws pertaining to pornographic DVDs on Viv’s business. If you’re not familiar with the UK’s stance on adult movies here’s the deal. Up until about 10 years ago it was illegal to sell anything other than soft core titles in the UK. That’s not to say that it didn’t go on. Originals and copies of VHS tapes and DVDs were circulating but they were subject to the obscene publications act.

Then the UK changed the law to allow the sale of video tapes and DVDs of hardcode R18 (R = restricted) films from licensed sex shops. What wasn’t allowed was the sale of the same movies by mail order.

So, Viv moved his operations to Portugal, from where he operates quite legally and with much greater freedom than in the UK.

It’s a really stupid kink in UK law because although you can’t get hardcore movies from UK suppliers, you can get them mailed in from suppliers overseas. Even more ludicrous was that until recently there was a loophole in the law preventing mail order sales to UK citizens because the original legislation had been rushed through and not properly registered with the EU in Brussels. So for several months some UK suppliers were selling mail order. LOL

Anyway, if you want to read Viv Thomas DVD reviews click here. There are quite a fe on this site and it’s growing all the time as they are getting all the latest Viv Thomas DVDs to review.