The Girls Of Viv Thomas – Vera Versanyi

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Adult Performers
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Vera Versanyi

Vera Versanyi

Vera began working for Viv Thomas in 2000 when she was 21 years old. A small but perfectly formed 5 feet tall, 34b and an apparent passion for the job she’s done 29 films with Viv. She’s originally from Hungary though where she resided now is not something I could find out.  She’s worked behind the camera too as a makeup girl for Viv for several years.

On screen her regular partner (and from whatViv’s site says about them by implication off screen lover too) is Jo who appears frequently in Viv’s output.

Vera’s film credits include early films like “The Art of Kissing” and “Forbidden Fruits” right up to “Three Nights With Vera” and “Secrets 4”. Viv has a lot of affection for Vera and notes that her orgasms are so powerful her whole body shakes. Hot. He particularly cites a scene in “Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist” as displaying this particularly horny trait best.

Vera apparently looks good in and out of make and in and out of clothes, having “Killer dress sense”.

As with all porn performers Vera has a number of pseudonyms – Dana, Dana Kelly, Dana V., Liza, Veronica Ryan and well as simply Vera.

On-screen her sexuality is strictly lesbian and apart from a few boy-girl photo sets she did “for the money” she’s a girl’s girl in her photographic work too. However her sexuality must be bi … Vera’s currently on hiatus (as of 2010) after her marriage to fellow porn-star Greg Centauro. Her fans will be hoping that Viv persuades her to come back to porn and you’ll be pleased to know that he is hopeful that he can.


  1. steven richards says:

    seeing vera and jo having sex together is like two angles sent from heaven

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