The Girls Of Viv Thomas – Rita Faltoyano (Daniella)

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Adult Performers
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Rita Faltoyano

Rita Faltoyano

Here’s a blast from the past Rita Faltoyano.

When I was compiling my Viv Thomas Filmography the other day I noticed that in the DVD “Busty Fuckers” that I haven’t watched for absolutely ages a model called Daniella appeared. Now, daniella is more widely known as Rita Faltoyano. She and her marvellous ample tits appeared in a lot of US porn (Zero Tolerance et al) after her work for Viv under the name “Daniella”

In common with a lot of porn stars she has a number of aliases Rita Faltiano, Rita Fox, Rita, Rita Twain, Rita Faltojano are the ones I could find. Rita is 32 years of age, born  05 August 1978. In Budapest, Hungary.

Interesting little fact for you all, her Wikipedia page says she was expelled from Mexico in 2004 for working on a tourist visa. Naughty girl.

Rita’s official website is

Haven’t seen much of Rita recently, maybe she’s winding her career down, or maybe I’m just not watching the movies she’s in.


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