Got a huge pile of porn movies to watch from Viv Thomas, including:

  • “Wet and Dripping” – lots of girl only shower action, cover looks great.
  • “Sex Games” – Couples cavorting playing very adult games. This should give me a few ideas for some bedroom fun of my own.
  • “Days Without Youth” – older couple (in 30s) having all sort of fun. Great for watching with your other half maybe. We’ll see.
  • “Secret Lives of Kept Wives” – Ultimate fantasy movie if you’re a plumber or pool cleaner judging from the write-up on the back of the DVD case 🙂
  • “Stockings and Lace”  – girl-girl, no prizes for guessing what goes on here.

I’ll let you know how these all work out. Hehehe.

Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart

There’s a review of the Viv Thomas Film “Affairs of the Heart” starring James Brossman, Nikk and Sonia Red over here on this site.

Here’s part of what the reviewer had to say:

“[Affairs Of The Heart From Viv Thomas] a complete departure from the normal porn I get to see and therefore a refreshingly well produced and steamy story. It’s not going to be a hit if you are looking for anal or other hardcore acts but it’s cleansing to the system if you like to see lots of tender girl on girl and boy on girl.”

Family Affairs Volume 3

Family Affairs Volume 3

Found a great review of Family Affairs Volume 3 over here.

What I was hoping for is one of Sandra Shine’s latest Viv Thomas release. It’s called “Simply Shine”.

LOL, she’s so sexy I’ll probably buy it anyway and take the risk. What’s not to like at a whole DVD dedicated to Sandra Shine getting naked with a lot of hot girls.

Brandy Smile

Brandy Smile

I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, work and all that rubbish. Just getting things back into shape, working down the piles of paperwork and guess what. There are a load of new Viv Thomas films out Vera Unleashed on Location, Prim & Proper, The Viv Thomas Collection, Triangle Affairs of The Heart.

Looking forward to getting me hands on them.

In the meantime I’ll have to console myself with my collection. LOL

Anyone else heard what these four are like?

Bea Stiel

Bea Stiel

I just heard that Secrets 5 is out. That series of movies is a bit of a mixed bunch, some great, some not so great.

Cast list is as follows: Jo, Barbie White, Bea Stiel, Nataly Von, Debbie White, Valentina Blue, Zack, James Brossman

Bea Stiel (pictured) is from, surprise, surprise, Hungary, born 1982 and supposedly 34C, Hm, her boobs are pretty cute but don’t look like a C to me.

Vera Versanyi

Vera Versanyi

Vera began working for Viv Thomas in 2000 when she was 21 years old. A small but perfectly formed 5 feet tall, 34b and an apparent passion for the job she’s done 29 films with Viv. She’s originally from Hungary though where she resided now is not something I could find out.  She’s worked behind the camera too as a makeup girl for Viv for several years.

On screen her regular partner (and from whatViv’s site says about them by implication off screen lover too) is Jo who appears frequently in Viv’s output.

Vera’s film credits include early films like “The Art of Kissing” and “Forbidden Fruits” right up to “Three Nights With Vera” and “Secrets 4”. Viv has a lot of affection for Vera and notes that her orgasms are so powerful her whole body shakes. Hot. He particularly cites a scene in “Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist” as displaying this particularly horny trait best.

Vera apparently looks good in and out of make and in and out of clothes, having “Killer dress sense”.

As with all porn performers Vera has a number of pseudonyms – Dana, Dana Kelly, Dana V., Liza, Veronica Ryan and well as simply Vera.

On-screen her sexuality is strictly lesbian and apart from a few boy-girl photo sets she did “for the money” she’s a girl’s girl in her photographic work too. However her sexuality must be bi … Vera’s currently on hiatus (as of 2010) after her marriage to fellow porn-star Greg Centauro. Her fans will be hoping that Viv persuades her to come back to porn and you’ll be pleased to know that he is hopeful that he can.


Forbidden Fruits Small

Forbidden Fruits Small

I couldn’t believe how much I used to enjoy this film until I watched it again the other day. It starts with a poolside scene. Gina B and Nikki Montana get naughty with a couple of vibrators. It was one of the first porn movies I’d scene with decent lighting and camera. No, it probably was the first one I’d seen that didn’t feel like it had been made in someone’s garage on their uncle’s old VHS camcorder.

Vera and Peaches next. Wow, the makeup’s a bit heavy and then I noiticed  it’s so old the format’s 4:3 not widescreen but great double dong action. Then it’s Jo and Gina B, then Vera and Nikki Montana. Nikki enjoyed the vibe up her ass by the pool in scene one but in this scene get’s a huge strapon, reverse cowgirl-anal.

Peaches and Jo round off in a nice girly bed scene.

You can tell I enjoyed revisiting this DVD can’t you. I really ought to watch some more of my old DVDs.